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Holiday Park Safety Tips Every Camper Should Know

If you are a motorhome enthusiast or you like camping, you know how exciting it is to hit the road for a weekend or vacation to your favourite destination. After travelling all day long, one of the best holiday accommodations you can consider when you want to park up is a holiday park. Holiday parks are secure and safe places where you can set up your caravan, take a shower, prepare your meal, and take part in different fun activities. Whether you are spending one day at the park or staying for longer, you may need to leave your campsite unattended at some point.

How do you ensure the campsite is safe while you are away? Here are safety tips you should keep in mind.

Park at a safe spot 

Before you choose a holiday park, it's important to understand that some areas are safer than others. Campsites that are far from town tend to be more secure because they are located in less populated regions. Access roads are harder to find unless it's the main route everyone uses to get into or leave the park. Moreover, the area is secured, reducing the risks of facing theft problems.

Once you are in the campsite, consider setting up your motorhome or tent in an area that's far from trails, crossroads or pathways. It would be better to ensure your trailer or tent isn't visible from the road. This way intruders will not be tempted to pass by just to check out your possessions and equipment.

Take some safety precautions

While the campsite you choose may be secure, it doesn't hurt to take some precautionary measures to make sure your belongings are protected. This is especially important if you find yourself in a holiday park that's highly populated. If possible, set up some game cameras for recording what happens around your camping area. This deters intruders and may assist you in identifying an offender if things get messed up. Also, don't forget to keep the curtains and blinds in your caravan or motorhome closed and leave an old chair or table out to make it look like you are around.

Also, do not leave your expensive equipment or other valuables lying around the site when you are away. Most thefts occur when you give people the chance to steal from you. So before you leave, ensure smaller items are put in the trailer or vehicle and locked up. Large items can be chained on a fence, your trailer or a tree. You may also install an alarm system before taking the trip.