How to Have a Happy Stay in a Hotel

4 Simple tips to make your motel stay more comfortable

When you're away from home, it's the minor details that can make you feel more comfortable (or uncomfortable). Where can you find an extra toothbrush? Where should you go to grab a drink? Did your kids forget their toys? These seemingly minor details can affect your comfort while staying at a motel.

The good news is most motels now anticipate what their guests might need in advance. Because their goal is to make you come again, most motels include small perks (such as extra toothbrushes and toys at the reception) that will make you more comfortable during your stay.

With this in mind, there are simple steps you can take to make your motel visit more enjoyable.

1. Check out the bar/restaurant

Motels are evolving into more than just bed and breakfast locations. More establishments are adding a small bar/restaurant with additional drink and food options.

When checking in, ask the staff if there's a bar or restaurant on site. After you drop your luggage and settle in your room, visit the bar for a refreshing cocktail or check out the restaurant menu. A refreshing meal and drink can help loosen you up during your stay.

2. Give cleaning staff enough time

It often feels unsettling to see a stranger cleaning your room (especially if you're not used to it). However, the cleaning staff is there to make your stay more comfortable. Allow them enough time to change your sheets, mop your floors, and clean your bathroom. A cleaner room will add to the comfort of your visit.

3. Ask motel staff for basic amenities

When travelling, forgetting items is common. You don't need to spend the day with bad breath because you forgot your toothbrush. Motels now keep basic items that you may need at the front desk.

Feel free to ask for an extra toothbrush, toys for kids, board games, or extra soap for your bathroom. These items can make your stay much more enjoyable. Some motels also have phone chargers available for checkout.

4. Inquire about luxury room prices

Many motel locations are designing luxury rooms as part of their accommodation options. If you're looking for something fancier than the average guest room, inquire about the cost of a luxury room.

These rooms may be larger, with spa features and room service options. They may also come at a competitive price when compared to larger hotels.

Whether it's a motel or hotel though, ask your accommodations what amenities they have that can make your stay more comfortable and enjoy your holiday!